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Rebecca Avoni is a God-gifted natural clairvoyant whose psychic abilities began to manifest when she was just a child. As she has grown, she has mastered the Law of Attraction and the art of manifestation, and she serves as an intuitive guide and mentor to people from all walks of life.

Her Clients

Rebecca’s clients range from the very poor to the very wealthy. She has advised C-level executives, world-class entertainers, and renowned artists on matters ranging from love to money and everything in between. Rebecca uses her psychic abilities to help her clients use manifestation to change their lives for the better.

Her Background

Rebecca has received international attention as a world-class clairvoyant and psychic. She has taught and spoke about developing psychic abilities, manifestation, and using the Law of Attraction to bring success and prosperity into your life. She has been featured online, in print, and on the radio as a life-changing intuitive mentor and teacher. Rebecca has been using her psychic abilities to help others for most of her life, but she has been a professional intuitive psychic for almost a decade.

From Rebecca: